Inclement Weather

In case of inclement weather, if the DC Public Schools are closed, than BCDC will also be closed. If DCPS opens one or two hours late, then BCDC will open one or two hours late as well. If DCPS closes early, parents should pick up their children as soon as possible. Please listen to the radio, TV, or check the DCPS website to obtain up-to-
date information about DCPS closures. In addition, parents can call the BCDC Information Line at 202-364-8799×18 or check the BCDC website for weather related closing information.

In case of inclement weather when DCPS was previously scheduled to be closed (such as for a holiday or school break), BCDC will follow Arlington Public Schools. If Arlington Public Schools are also previously scheduled to be closed (such as over the summer), then BCDC will follow the federal government.

If an emergency occurs, such as a power outage or non-weather related event, the Director will make the determination whether to close the Center if necessary to protect the health and safety of the children and staff. In such case, all parents will be notified by email and called to pick up their children.

If there is a unique weather occurrence, the Director will make the determination that is safest for the staff and children and contact all families via email with this information.

Revised 2014-09-01